Since the release of their second studio album "The Cleggan Bay Disaster" Fleadh have placed themselves among the best Irish Folk Bands in Germany and have gained recognition in the music press around Europe. Their third effort The Peacock's Feather has just been released (Aug. 2015) and is destined to be equally as popular as its predecessor. Petr Pandula, CEO of Magnetic Music in Dublin, cites the new album as "one of the best he has heard in a long time".

They also hold the first place titles for Best World Music/Trad Album, Best Folk Album and Best Folk Song 2013 at the German Pop & Rock Awards. Their very own brand of crossover folk teamed with songs of Irish singer songwriter Saoirse Mhór make for a fantastic evenings entertainment.

Having been founded in 1999 by Uíleann piper Frank Weber, the band has withstood a number of team changes and mellowed into a tight and driving formation. Keep your eyes open for Fleadh. Irish music flying high!